A Design System is the single source of truth which groups all the elements that will allow teams to build digital products.

We, as diverse humans, have our own unique way to think about problems and we walk different roads to find solutions. Usually, that is celebrated, but when cooperating to build products, that could lead to an uncoordinated user experience. Lualtek UI aims to provide a solid guidance for designers and developers, to reduce the risks of divergence.


In 2016 the UN declared Internet access as a human right. We, as builder of web technologies, have a responsibility to create products that are accessible to the highest number of people, just like an architect tries to eliminate architectural barrier when designing public building.

Form follows function

When time or resources are limited, what design trade-offs would least harm the design’s success? Lualtek UI approach aims to serve human needs while carefully considering human behaviour. Our Design Language aspire to create beauty as a byproduct of functionality, rather than mere decoration.

Progress over perfections

Lualtek UI is a constantly evolving product that represent our best shot at a Design system yet. We're sure that our future selves will have a lot to disagree about decision that we took today — and that's perfectly ok: done is better than perfect.